Center Cut Off Time

September 28, 2015

Amazing Children Learning Center’s Cut – Off Time is 9:35am . Please understand that ACLC would like to adhere to its daily schedule; it is impossible to do this if we are interrupted. Please understand that Children’s attendance has a direct effect on revenue and staffing for the center. Please understand to communicate appointments early as possible to allow for an excused absence as well as permission to bring after cut – off time. Unexcused attempts to bring children after cut – off time will require Director’s approval and payment of fee at time of occurrence. The fee and sanctions are as follows:
(1 st ) $15.00 / (2 nd ) $25.00 / (3 rd ) $50.00 / (4 th ) Meeting to discuss new child care services schedule to allow on time arrival / (5 th ) Possible removal from center / Occurrences reset every 12 months